Tuesday, September 25, 2007

introducing Clagh

yeah, well, been playing a bit of Warcraft in my spare time... so much so that i've given up even checking email or facebook, not that there's like anything at all to reply to ever anyway... and i can rant all i like here to the zero ppl who actually know about this site and would even bother to read this far. just look at the pretty picture.

not the best picture, but it's all i've got at the moment

saw a great Insight tonight, on Freedom of Information in this country. interestign stuff indeed. then i hoped to get onto warcraft since my WIFE had finally left it, and all servers were DOWN - it's FREAKIN' TUESDAY, scheduled maintenance night. for freeeeeeak's sake. it was working fine on the weekend, why'd ya have to 'maintain' it? but it is an amazingly deep game with awesome stories, graphics and options. so easy to get addicted to. try that free 10-day demo at your own peril!

so i created a 4th character: Clagh, some sort of little (but tough) person. i think he's a gnome. and a warlock. thought i'd give that a go. my server was crashing on the weekend. he's only a level 2, only just started, so he can't do much besides inflicting death to wolves via some sort of lightning bolt. my main dude, Milah, is my undead rogue, he's getting half decent. lev26 (out of 70+) and it's awesome how he can cannibalise corpses to recover health. how good is that? he also makes potions and stuff from herbs and alchemy. then i have 2 other alts, which i hardly ever use: my hunter with mining and engineering, Darksnark, and an orc called Mudloch, named after a comic antihero i created... i can't even remember what Muddy is good at/for. he's only a noob. like Clagh. i should say at this point that Clagh is my first foray into the realms of the 'goodies', or the Alliance. so, sure, i've sold out, but it all falls under the banner of 'experiencing the many wonders of warcraft'... the other two alts and Milah fight for the Horde, go the Horde!


Well the wife adn i finally quit the fairly all-consuming WoW addiction over Easter, and looking back, it's crazy how you 'just have to' log on to finish a quest, or to check your auctions, or something, and how 15min can turn into several hours, sore eyes a
nd getting to bed late again. still, it was a really fun game, and a great way to relax (although was occasionally frustrating, with other gamers, or stupid quests) and totally tune out from many worldly concerns - particularly since we'd just moved house and had pretty stressful situations at work at the time, etc. i don't think it's much worse than tuning out watching TV for an evening, or whatever (it is more all-consuming), but then there are good docos on TV which could be more educational. at least now i'm getting back into playing guitar more and reading books.

oh, as for a final obituary for my characters (although i think they remain playable, if we ever decide to pay up again and log back on): Milah got to the mid-30s, but i was more and more bored by him, also it takes ages to level in the 30s, you have to d
o more and more quests. I actually got Clagh to 40, and got a 'mount' (this hellish horse with flaming hooves), that's part of the attraction of getting to higher levels, an animal or machine to ride so you can move around faster. i think having my 'little buddies' (various demons you 'tame' and summon for battle: imp, voidwalker, succubus, etc) made the warlock more interesting to play in the end, although i did miss the ability to stealth with my rogue.

oh, and here's what the inside of a Crocolisk corpse looks like, cool huh?