Sunday, December 31, 2006

Blackbeard (the Space Pirate)

Same details as per the prev. post:
"Blackbeard (the space pirate) found the tutu to be a rather comical fancy dress outfit for the gala..."

"The hawaian pirate was laughing as he was pioneering the pirate business in the space."

"Hawaian pirate, Skeletor "Tropiocalia" No-beard, considers interstellar travel and associated conquests in a tequila-worm hallucination."

HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL MY VALUED READERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Indiana Jones as Santa Travelling via a Flying Turd...

EPYC-style, with the same playerz as the prev. post:

"Indiana Jones was very excited about being Santa; the children didn't seem to be pleased with Santa's choices of presents though."

"After travelling via a flying turd, the Mexican gangster in the stupid hat took the xmas tree hostage, confusing the onlooking midgets."

"A Mexican cowboy took a Christmas tree hostage and flew away on a Christmas Poo."

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Ginger Wine can Cause Headaches if Consumed in Excess

Eat Poop You Cat - style...
not sure if i'm allowed to reveal the artists of this one. stay tuned and i'll see if i get clearance... it could be related to my bros.

"Ginger wine can cause headaches if consumed in excess."

" "Dan" spewed from both ends after having a ginger wine watered down with 'bad water'."

"Womby complains yet again of Bad Ginger Wine and poor quality drinking water as he is forced to ride the porcelain basin yet again...."

"Matt is sich again from drinking all his dad's ginger wine."

Meat-Wagon Hound was Sad

Yeah, haven't blogged in ages, was too tired to think of something to rant about. but thought i'd post this picture of a game we play sometimes, sometimes called Eat Poop You Cat, and other peoples' games can be seen here, here adn here... of course, i can't vouch for any bad taste shown on those sites. and the last one seems to be an on-line game, so that's 'interesting'.

anyway, here's our latest, and possibly least-crude:

the playerz were myself, my wife KT adn our good friend Timmy T. perhaps later i'll go back and translate some of the text.

so here's the translation:

"Meat-wagon hound was sad."

"Slump the sausage dog was so depressed about being poo-shaped that he had to be pulled along on a trolley."

"Ethol the stupid hat farmer was looking forward to showing his wife, who he called Daniel, the steaming flat turd that would spice up their marriage. "

"The buck-toothed scoutmaster was clearly confusing viagra and colonic irrigation advertising, thought Jeremia, dressed as he was in a french maid's attire and still trying to avoid the horny cows. "