Saturday, December 30, 2006

Meat-Wagon Hound was Sad

Yeah, haven't blogged in ages, was too tired to think of something to rant about. but thought i'd post this picture of a game we play sometimes, sometimes called Eat Poop You Cat, and other peoples' games can be seen here, here adn here... of course, i can't vouch for any bad taste shown on those sites. and the last one seems to be an on-line game, so that's 'interesting'.

anyway, here's our latest, and possibly least-crude:

the playerz were myself, my wife KT adn our good friend Timmy T. perhaps later i'll go back and translate some of the text.

so here's the translation:

"Meat-wagon hound was sad."

"Slump the sausage dog was so depressed about being poo-shaped that he had to be pulled along on a trolley."

"Ethol the stupid hat farmer was looking forward to showing his wife, who he called Daniel, the steaming flat turd that would spice up their marriage. "

"The buck-toothed scoutmaster was clearly confusing viagra and colonic irrigation advertising, thought Jeremia, dressed as he was in a french maid's attire and still trying to avoid the horny cows. "

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