Thursday, August 03, 2006

Illustration Friday - Clean

Well, I was trying to finish this profound bit of artwork involving hospital cleaning products like glutaraldehyde and the dangers of being overly clean vs. the germ theory of disease. But I'm still not happy with it yet.

I was playing around with a silly it is instead.


Andrew Thornton said...

There was a great article in National Geographic a couple of months ago about how more people would be healthier if they had a cow living in their living room.

It's funny because I worked at a restaurant once where they said, "To clean the floors really well, mix the red solution with the blue solution." They failed to mention that it created air-bourne hydrochloric acid. When I developed breathing problems, I thought I had the plague or something... but it was all from cleaning.

Rrramone said...


Gabrielle said...

ROTFLMAO! (I quickly checked the floor first)