Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Smash Hits: Music I Loved in the 80s

found some stickers in a heap of stuff i was hording from way back, from the late 80s, along with scrap book memorabilia from the early-to-mid 80s...

thought these stickers just had to be put online, for those who would enjoy the wonders of shite teen music mags back then. check out all the almost rans. laugh at the kitsch trends of the times!

how cheesy are the neighbours shots? i don't even remember Ashley Paske, he can't have had a musical 'career'... and this reminds me that i once dressed up as one of the Goss brothers from Bros for a school dance. one of our friends had brownish hair and thus drew the shorter straw by having to be Craig (from Bros, not McL) - on reflection, he was probably the most fortunate.

and more Danii and Jase, how awesome! plus, there's "RAP!" - glad i never stuck that sticker on anything public. but i'm sure back then it would've been a 'rad' display of my love of, ahhh, Mel and Kim, or Salt n' Pepa.

and i still can't believe Prince did all that batman shit, man i hate superhero stuff, it's soooo lame. i found prince interesting, sure, but i never was a fan, but still, what the F&*K was he thinking getting involved with that?

and i *have* heard of Alex Paps before. must've been a neighbours/home+away star. what intrigues me in this last one is not Foxy Samantha (hasn't some eastern european country erected a statue to her?), but the missing sticker - what was it and where did it go. should i shudder at the thought of what i might've displayed on my geography exercise book? it's also amazing that U2 get a guernsey amongst all this, back when they were actually good. and Poison! ahh, let loose that slightly darker edge of pop. every rose has it's thorn indeed! ha! oh, i nearly missed NKOTB.

i wish i had more to share from later years. although i'm guessing it wouldn't have been nearly as cheesy with the likes of Silverchair, Kriss Kross and the Spicegirls. and where was Rick Astley? he was awesome! even Richard Marx got in. we were ripped off.


I totally missed that there was actually THREE New Kids on the Block stickers, a GUNNERS sticker!!! and my fave of all time, a MILLI VANILLI sticker... oh, and Indecent Obsession, do you remember that song of theirs (Sugar Free) with the lyrics "Oh, my love and me/ oh, we're sugar free/ oh, and we wanna be/ nah nah nah nah nahhh"? that was gold. from a golden era.

2nd Update!

In extremely disappointing news the statue of Samantha Fox was apparently never erected. I'm not very pleased with the Serbian town of Cacak - they should've just gone ahead with it, just think of the tourist dollars! i'd go and get a photo with it/her! ha!


Count Skogg said...

Man! How is it that you were into such good music then, and still manage rock out to awesome tunes? good work!

Count Skogg said...

Yeah, i dunno, i guess i just rock, dude!

and, no, i'm not the dude who does the voice-over for that annoying turtle in Finding Nemo!

Your Wife said...

What? You're NOT the turtle from Finding Nemo? Why have I been bumping noggins with you all this time then?...*NOGGIN*!