Sunday, June 04, 2006

Freakin Smileys

you know, i really hate those elaborate moving yellow smiley f*cking faces on the web, and i'm sure i'm not the only one. who downloads that shit? pre-teens i suppose. actually, i can't stand that stooopid 'green card' one - i think i always get it on my yahoo or at i don't want to go and work in the US, ok? and i'd really appreciate it if you didn't keep showing me some stupid photo of some fortunate chick who won the lottery for that. good for her. and as for those banners that hover right over what you want to read and float down the screen with you like some freakdog at a party, yeah, they don't really impress me. i wonder if there's a software ap that can kill them, like those pop-up destroyers...

i was trying to remember something else that really pissed me off earlier this week, to rant about, it's been a while, there must be a lot of sh!t that has annoyed me. but as i return to this post after a day out and about, i still can't remember and don't care anymore.

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Anonymous said...

there's some weird shit out there in blogland. 'next blog' is a nice way to pass the time, well the bosses time while i'm at work,

also stumbled across one called raccoon-dog or something, quite good tho haven't been able to relocate it. yet.

for something really wrong, try looking up this freak show - jeffrey dahmer - real life hannibal.