Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Finishing Things

Yeah, I’m an INTP, if you know what that means. I don’t really, but it gets thrown around a bit. Basically, along with other things, I’m sort of a big-picture person, but can get lost in the details? That doesn’t sound quite right. I think it must be more the details thing. So it’s really hard to be happy with anything and actually get to a point where something is actually considered ‘finished’, unless there’s a deadline, like on that horrid thesis. Then there’s those paintings, which “could have a bit more work, but then I don’t want to ruin them further”, and my ‘songs’ which generally get to some point where I’m sick of them and just want to play around with track orders on my Demo Album #1 or #2, which are contentious in themselves, and I’m not entirely sure if #1 is really finished, the artwork has been at an ‘almost-finished’ stage and in limbo since 2004… and then of course, I go back on some songs a year or two later and add something, enhance some levels, or decide it’s crap.

I don’t know how normal people do stuff like write books – imagine all those pages of writing, where every sentence could be re-worded… I started writing some sort of horror/sci-fi/I’m not sure what sort of book a few months back (and I think I’ve even got a few pages of it somewhere, it’s definitely beating the manifesto!) but I don’t even know where it was going. They say you should have an ending in mind when you’re writing a book, but I couldn’t think of one, but I could think of a pretty cool start, so I started and am waiting to see where it will go. Actually, that’s how most of my songs start too, like with a riff on guitar/keys/drum pattern/violin/other noise-making object, and I play it for a while, try to spruce it up with some variation, and then add other layers on top of it. And rarely, rarely ever re-record that initial idea when I can play it properly. That’s far too boring! Oh, I also started a comic like that too, and got a few pages, but got bored of it, I just wasn’t sure where it could go, lots of ideas, most horribly stereotypical and then I got sick of trying to draw these complicated pictures in blue pen with pretty un expressive stick figures. That was gruelling.

So i've got a day off today, an RDO, the last vestige of my company which was once government-owned, and we're off to get our wills and life insurance settled, but before then it's a lazy weekend morning, which i'm a real big fan of. and so i decided to move the rest of my blogs from the old place to here (it was actually my splendid wife, Katy, who set this up for me, again, knowing that I would probably "never get around to it", also she's recently learnt how to use that funky webscript stuff), due to various reasons of annoyance and numerous recommendations. i did like the old place though, and had links to several of my 'songs' there, which i haven't worked out if that's possible here. but then i've been dabbling in myspace for both myself and the Erotic Mules, a sort of muck around 'band', and i've been exploring other places to upload mp3s - there's stax of them, i love this internet community thing! but then, yeah, i've drifted off topic. and i really should have a shower cos we have to go in 15 or 20. time for a quick coffee then.

so basically, every post beneath this one was written during April sometime. and then this would make this my first real post in like a month. i've been too tired and busy to rant. but i've got some more stuff up my sleeve, oh yeah!

Later Note: you can do an easy (probably reduced version of the) Myers-Briggs Personality Test here (they call it the Jung Typology Test) - obviously it's pretty rough and sometimes a couple of different answers (for those you might sit on the fence for) could change your type.

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Your Wife said...

Glad to see you are blogging again, dear, keep it up!