Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Light/ Random Font Changes/ Malls

Believe it or not, I have big issues with light. usually that it’s too bright. i've been wearing my sunnies at work a bit lately, you know, with those nasty fluoro lights (and a rare high computer work : low lab work ratio) and people tend to consider this odd. it just works for me. surely there's more out there like that?

I hate freaking computer templates and stuff that’s designed to make things easier, like auto-formatting in word in particular which you tend to have to muck around with much more than doing it in the old-skool manual way. Like why does it decide something is heading 7 all of a sudden, or decide to start numbering from the start again half-way through a document, or on this blog page why does some of the stuff randomly come up in a larger size or different font? and why does the page start so far down? It’s weird and annoying.

Re: people not staying clear of the Escalator Exit/Entrance Area, e.g. in shopping centres. i've decided the only way is to ram them. i've had it. also the same at airport baggage collection conveyor belt areas - people don't move for you when you lean over and pick up that heavy bag, all heaving and unbalanced (when their stuff is obviously no where in sight, yet they must maintain their position), so why try and avoid them? i've found that motion occurs when you just do your thing as if no one else was there. and i'm learning not to even apologise. people've got a lot of learnin' to do.

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