Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Real Estate Companies and the Agents Who "Work" for them

Does anybody like them? Can they do nothing right? Do they sort of live in their own time-space continuum and do what’s best for them in the laziest possible way, completely bereft of any consideration for their so-called ‘customers’ on either side of the renting/buying/selling aspect of the business? We really should all get revenge on them somehow. Are their employees merely idiots who couldn’t get into marketing degrees or some sales area for a decent company and just do the bare minimum to get their wage? Have you answered YES to all of these questions? Well, then why not join the Coalition of Down with Real Estate Agents today and help us all exact our much-deserved revenge on these scourges of humanity. But then we all probably know someone who knows one of ‘them’. Like someone with bad BO.

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