Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I wanna see a reality TV show with a bunch of ‘em eating nothing but vegetables and fruit and nuts and fungi and nothing from an animal and see what becomes of them. It could be like a survival of the fittest type thing, over a few years, with a show being like a month’s summary of their downfall. I predict that half of them would probably turn into cannibals. But good on the vegans anyway, doing their thing for nature/the planet/ethics/themselves and their high horses/animal-kind or whatever. Each to their own, I totally agree. Sort of sucks though when your menu choices are compromised, but then you shouldn’t go to those funky, overpriced places anyway. Although, some places do make amazing vego stuff though, I’m not dissing the vegos. But what I really really hate (not a-zig-a-zig-ah) is when people decide what’s best for their kids, and deny them meat. That’s downright evil.

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