Sunday, May 07, 2006


So what’s with this extreme fascination with dolphins? Sure, they can do some tricks, maybe they’ve rescued a few people [although might just be a nice story or playful coincidence], but they have their shortcomings. Perhaps they’re more friendly than sharks, but c’mon us humanoids are the best – forget all the rest. I can tell ya, I for one wont be getting any sickly grey tattoos on me! And as if you’d want to eat them anyway. I’ve often joked about biting into dolphin flesh, from a purely academic viewpoint of course (I think in their terrain they’d probably overpower me anyway), but I tend to think it would be rather slimy and rubbery. I could be wrong. I’m not really an expert on cetaceous things, but one’s always allowed to speculate. There’s the beauty of blogs. They’re full of quality hypotheses and crap. This guy’s clearly messed up [insert link to Mudloch comic on web somewhere, below's a teaser]:

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