Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Cats [not the musical, 'Miaow' to you too]

Why were these ill-natured beasts half domesticated? Is Cleopatra to blame? Why is it a crime to rid the planet of them? What’s wrong with the people who own them? (apart from everyone I know with a cat or two of course- y’all obviously didn’t know what you were doing at the time, your drinks were spiked, right?) Hmmm. So many questions, so little time. Thank god my wife is allergic to the nasty critters. I want to meet that dude from country Australia somewhere with a cat-pelt hat. I love the fact he’s marked out his own kingdom, too [find & insert link]. What a legend! Up there for thinking.

And while we're at it, speaking of musicals, which we weren't, i'm really not a big fan of them. and that goes for dance-stuff, too. i just don't get into it. although one day i'm gonna see Swan Lake - for the music only. really hope my daughter doesn't want to do ballet. soccer's much more fun.


Bug's mummy said...

Hmpf. And I was just going to write a cute post about your birthday post.

Not. Happy. Count Skogg.

Count Skogg said...

Hey, um, i'm sorry about that. i guess *some* cats are nice... and your cat is more like a dog, which is why he's so cool, chilled and kinda friendly.

bug's mummy said...

not sure you're off the hook just yet.