Tuesday, July 24, 2007

camp 80s pop

what i really intended to write tonight was inspired by watching some music videos before, the Jarvis Cocker programmed RAGE show a few months back which has such a good variety of music, making it good for background music and amusement. it goes from 80s pop and punk and ends with GnR, which is pretty out there.

and there was this song by a band i'd never come across before, but i'm sure they were pretty big by the youtube comments i've read, Alphaville and their song "Big in Japan" which is just totally awesome camp 80s pop - it's somehow cheesy and epic and catchy, and musically somewhere between Soft Cell and Tears for Fears... check it out!

actually, i'm not even sure if JC chose this song, it was unannounced, and sometimes i wonder if the RAGE producers sneak in some clips, since they can seem totally unfitting with the guest presenters' choices. but then again, you never know, i'll never forget that time Trent Reznor selected Ween's Freedom of 76 and gave it the thumbs up. actually i thought he and Dean were meant to record something or other way back... did i miss that?

Tom "freaking amazing" Waits has a great song also titled "Big in Japan", although from possibly, IMHO, his worst album in the past 10? albums, for someone who has made so many amazing songs and put out so many incredible albums that just take you into another dimension and make you wanna grab a stick and start whacking a chair in some frantic, hypnotic rhythm, while singing in a throaty, wrecked voice about some sailor in port in Singapore or something...

and while i'm on it (the JC rage special), how amazing is the Add N to (X) song "Take Me To Your Leader"? Jarvis said something about Goldfrapp ripping them off, does she cover that on one of her albums? it's a really familiar song, and a great clip too.

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