Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Parte the Seconde: the follow up

i meant to follow up that past topic and continue going on about amazing albums, but i think that's better for another time. i'm really only doing this for me anyway, so it'll just have to wait. it did occur to me, however, that there are a lot of albums which don't quite cut it and fall more into the ‘painful-but-not-as-worthwhile’ category, and well, the ones that spring to mind immediately are:

Sonic Youth’s “Sonic Death,” Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music,”
much Merzbow I’ve heard (but not all), some of John Zorn’s work (yes, i don't rate all of it as amazing), Mayhem’s “Pure Fu*king Armageddon”… but I’d still and do still continue to give these albums/bands a go and have actually been enjoying a number of Merzbow ‘pieces’ from the Merzbox videos posted on youtube. You certainly have to be in the right frame of mind for these particular styles of music.

I still do find a lot of avant garde and noise music interesting, although I have increasingly less time (and patience) for such activities – I do also wonder how much patience the average ‘fan’ has – sometimes I might chuck on an album once every couple of years, have a laugh and get through half of it, and it’s still intriguing/amusing/confronting/otherwise entertaining for me for 30-60min, and because of this I still value and cannot consider selling any such records. CD artwork from such bands/artists is often an intriguing art in itself, making having a real copy worthwhile, but that’s a whole other discussion…

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