Friday, June 22, 2007

Awesome Doom/Death Metal Clip

I used to be obsessed by this band, My Dying Bride, back in teh 90s, and this was a clip of their first single (Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium), which other than it's awesomely over-the-top latin pretentiousness, blew me away back then, and is still excellent/amusing in that tacky way that most metal is. you gotta laugh, really. and with lyrics like:

" Failing Enochian tapestries / Depict the prince of fallen virtues / In almost poetic rhapsody "

... what metalhead can complain? and what the hell is 'Enochian' anyway? i think it's something from that H.P. Lovecraft's fantasy world, that somehow a number of metal bands (like Morbid Angel and even early Metallica) drew inspiration from, when those books really were a bit of a croc. actually, i've discovered Enochian really relates to magick. but it's still boring. actually, it appears as though old Lovecraft was seminal in horror/sci-fi writing back in teh early 90s, so maybe i should give him another go. looks like 'Tal were inspired by this book of his: The Call of Cthulhu - i shall have to give it a go one day when i'm less likely to fall asleep after the second sentence.

anyway, i'm just so glad of youtube in moments like these, when clips are at your fingertips, well, several minutes of loading, rather than having to find them on an old, grainy RAGE tape.

Update: just watched an amazing MDB clip, Black Voyage, which they pulled off really well live, even the awesomely eerie middle section. and great violin. never caught them live, so i'm glad to have an idea of what they might've been like. an amazing 9.5min song off their last good album, i reckon.

Update2: and while we're on Doom Metal, i couldn't pass up the opportunity to revisit my love of early Paradise Lost - here's their song Gothic (only audio)... wish they had Rotting Misery.

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