Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bleak Music for Bleak Times

Harking on about My Dying Bride again so soon, sorry. Anyway, was listening to the last album of theirs i ever got, the dreadfully entitled 34.788%... Complete (i bet there's a story behind that, but i really don't care). i wasn't that impressed with this effort back in 1998 and i have no idea of how they might've progressed/returned to their roots/degenerated into boring crap since then. i hope they got back on track, i was a big fan back in the day...

yeah, it was the perfect timing for that CD to come on - driving home in the pelting rain, doing 30 on the freeway, exhausted after several long, manic days. powerful, dismal, pretentious and hypnotic. it's funny how under certain circumstances even a dodgy album from a fave band can be enjoyable. i wonder if old fans feel that way about Jon Bon's latest shitfest?

ps. it sounds like they returned to their roots and displayed some good form (and their old logo) on their next albums... might have to back there one day.

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