Friday, June 15, 2007

The Mighty Boosh

How totally amazing is this show? I probably missed half of them, and i still can't get over the Old Gregg episode, with the infamous line (which i thought was cool, but now i've recently realised it's gaining cult status) "easy now, fuzzy little man peach" - that phrase gets over 3700 hits in google. and it was casually dropped into conversation last week sometime on the RRR breakfast show, totally blowing my mind on my drive to work. i surfed some Boosh stuff, freaking out over teh amount of stuff out there, obsessive fans reporting every single detail, quote, analysing the Boosh universe etc. and i know i shouldn't be surprised. it is awesomeness; the best comedy in years.

there's a funny interview of the Boosh dudes on youtube. they appear to be just as insane in real life, which is just perfect.

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