Saturday, June 23, 2007

Will YouTube be the Death of the Music Video Show?

I've been watching a fair few clips, mostly live recordings, on the good ol' YouTube site, and it's really amazing how much stuff is there, even quite eclectic, like Japanese noise dude Merzbow, heaps of John Zorn's avant garde projects, home video recordings of Ween, interviews with people from TV, etc. it's truly a great resource for finding (and sharing) files. i guess the one major downfall is the quality is often pretty bad - i don't know how much of that is due to the size restrictions of files on YouTube or the fact that much of what i was watching was either filmed live by fans or recorded from TV.

i think music video shows (like my much beloved RAGE) will continue to live on, they are great for checking out new releases, adn for guest programmers. the excitement of not knowing what's next is a big part of the fun. and getting introduced to bands you've never heard of before.

anyway, since i finally got an account there, in order to be able to comment on stuff, i've now, many more months later, finally started to try out the 'favorites' and other features of having an account, and i like how it works so far. in case you find yourself particularly innerested in what i find enjoyable/intriguing, you can check out my faves, so far i've gone a bit overboard with Ween (but they are like totally amazing dude) and Secret Chiefs 3 adn John Zorn.

also, on a completely unrelated subject, for some unknown reason last night i started a travel blog. i don't know how it's going to go, but anyway, we'll see.

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