Tuesday, July 10, 2007

this other blog

so, like, i started this other blog, for no apparent reason, other than at the time, it amused me to start writing a travel blog when i'm not actually traveling at all, apart from around the house, to work, to the shops, you know, everyday sort of existence, with no great meaning, but then it's funny that it's like a fresh slate, inspiring me to crap on like i haven't on this blog for quite awhile. i'm not even sure where this blog is going anymore, it used to be one big rant about all the crapness that got in my way, and now it's like turning into some wacky variety show of music and arts and miscellaneous. i need trevor marmalaide or that dylan dude from recovery to host it or somethign


chilli said...

you're right, who knows where anything is going? just got to keep the line open and one days shit might happen.

the other blog is hilarious though!!

Count Skogg said...

Thanks Chilli!

I'm amazed by the 40 or so hits i was getting for each post at the traveller blog - probably people who wanted to know what melbourne was like and were deceived into my stupid non-travel crapping on...

i never set up the thing on this blog to see the number of hits i get each post, i think they could be counted on one hand, so it could be too depressing. but i enjoy a quick rant everynow and then.