Saturday, June 16, 2007

Graffiti and Street Art

I've been totally lost in links of amazing artwork, starting from MissV's post of (and links to) the Crate People, then via another link of hers to Random Vandal, who posts some interesting graffiti art, and some thought provoking discussions follow on from the images. i then discovered Banksy (you have to scroll across to the right on this page) from a comment on Random Vandal - this Banksy dude appears to be quite well known, subversive, controversial and intriguing.

it's really a web of intrigue out there and you can never get beyond the tip of the iceberg.


missv said...

I'd heard I Banksy but I'd never checked out his website before - did you see the 'indoors' pic of the elephant and the wallpaper?

Complexities said...

thanks for the heads up. glad you like it.